About Us


Welcome to our shop!

Restoring The Remnant was formed from our owners love of sewing. She began sewing by making skirts for her daughter and would only need remnants. She would restore those tiny remnants into beautiful garments for her daughter. So Restoring the Remnant was born. Our name has a two-fold meaning. The second meaning is because our owners are a faith based family. While reading the bible, the scripture Romans 11:5, "So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace" stood out to them. We are all only here by the grace of God, and through that same grace we believe our shop will bless the lives of many with modest children's clothing that so many big name stores does not offer. We specialize in handmade children's skirts. We believe that we should always allow the light to shine in our children and allow them to also spread the word of God, by any means. We pray that you will enjoy our small shop.